• Fruitful Vine Ministries

  • Non-profit and non-governmental organisation (NGO)

  • For the Well being of aging populace in our society

Welcome To

Fruitful Vine

Fruitful Vine Ministries Inc. with Rc No. 13838 is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation (NGO) that aims at uplifting the spiritual, social, psychological, mental and physical well being of aging populace in our society.



To positively affect peoples’ lives with our God given gifts, talents and resources.



To stir up God’s compassionate nature in people through example.



To declare God’s manifold blessings (riches) here on earth.

Major Activities

Workshops tagged

Aging Gracefully is designed for those from age 50 and above. Facilitators at the workshop proffers solution to Mental, Environmental, Emotional and Physical well-being challenges associated with aging. And issues of Nutrition, Fitness, Medical approach and lot more. The workshop aims at helping aging people to live a perfect lifestyle as well as impact younger Adults with knowledge on health matters associated with aging.

Medical Missions

Attendees are examined by qualified medical personnel who also treat them and treatment is absolutely free.

Self Empowerment Programmes

A programme that teaches the aging men and women on how to be self empowered even at that stage of their lives.

Key Objectives

  • To set-up old people and orphanages.
  • To show God’s love and care to the old people and orphans.
  • To change the hearts and lives of the old people and orphans by sharing the transforming power of the gospel.
  • The advancement and promotion of social activities for the elderly and orphans.

Activities of the Ministry since 1995

(Before Incorporation)
  • Counseling
  • Support to Ministers and other ministries
  • Writing and Printing of tracts.
  • Exporting tracts to West African Countries with the help of some evangelists.
  • Support widows.